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《赖安布莱克(RYAN BLACK)》是Trazzy Entertainment制作发行的一款射击游戏。你,赖安·布莱克,一个经验丰富的特工被召唤执行一个看起来十分普通的任务调查,收集信息,返回。但这个任务从一开始就是个错误,你会发现奇怪的野蛮生物,遗传实验,破坏和十分狡诈的阴谋。游戏中你可以通过战斗,运行,跳跃和攀登或者通过你自己的方式通过毁了非洲的村庄和军事基地到秘密基因工厂。使用所有可能的手段生存和发现发生了什么,然后决定你的目标方向在哪里。

Description: You, Ryan Black, a seasoned operator of secret service were summoned to get what looked like an ordinary mission. Investigate, gather information, return. But everything went wrong from the very beginning – strange savage creatures, genetic experiments, ravage, destruction and a faint smell of foul conspiracy. Fight, run, jump and climb making your way through ruined African village and military base to a secret genetic factory. Use all the possible means to survive and discover what happened, and then decide where your loyalties lie.


  • Action-packed 2D Platformer in a deadly world full of unnatural predators. Sharpen your battle instincts and prove that Ryan Black can survive in any circumstances.
  • Dark and murky surroundings with some bizarre elements create a deep and dreadful mood of hostile and doomed world.
  • Journey through 7 different locations, from african village to hidden laboratory complex.
  • 16 various enemies, from mutated hyenas and mercenaries to dread Stonehands and poisonous Seeker Plants + 5 bosses
  • 12 different weapons Ryan can find here and there.
  • Highly developed damage and targeting system, with ability to score critical hits.
  • Different tactical approach needed to pass some encounters.

Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie
Developer: Trazzy Entertainment
Publisher: Trazzy Entertainment

Size: 884 MB
Links: STEAM | NFO

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