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Lynda – AngularJS 1: Building a Data-Driven App

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Lynda - AngularJS 1: Building a Data-Driven App

Lynda - AngularJS 1: Building a Data-Driven App

Size: 391 MB | Duration: 2h 15m | Video: AVC (.mp4) 1280x720 15&30fps | Audio: AAC 48KHz 2ch
Genre: eLearning | Level: Intermediate | Language: English
Want to create data-driven web applications? AngularJS is a great choice. It allows you to build apps where multiple users can push and pull data at the same time, in real time. However, while the framework is easy to learn, it can be tough to master. This course is the second in a two-part series designed to show you how Angular works in the real world. It takes up where AngularJS 1: Adding Registration to Your Application left off: a simple application that checks users in and out of meetings. Here, instructor and Angular advocate Ray Villalobos shows how to enhance the existing app with new views and controllers to reward random checked-in users with prizes. Learn how to create forms, edit database records, create methods, randomize record selections, and style and secure your app. With these project-based lessons, you'll learn how to see how data-driven programming with AngularJS can help your apps react to real-time data streams.

Topics include:
* Customizing an Angular template
* Adding forms to create meetings and check in users
* Adding, showing, and deleting database records
* Using events to track meetings
* Adding a form to the app
* Creating methods
* Randomizing prizes
* Creating conditional styles
* Managing app permissions
Lynda - AngularJS 1: Building a Data-Driven App

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  1. Lynda - AngularJS 1: 开发数据驱动的app 想要开发数据驱动的web应用吗?AngularJS是一个不错的选择。其可以让你开发出多用户同时实时推送和取回数据的app。然而,当这款框架已与学习的同时,掌握它也是困难的。本教程是这个系列两部教程的第二步,旨在帮助你学习Angular在真实工作中是怎样的。讲师以及Angular倡导者Ray Villalobos将会为你讲解如何通过新的视图和控制器,以问答的方式奖励随机签到的用户,从而改善已有的app。学习如何创建表单、编辑数据库记录、创建方法、随机记录选择以及样式化和令app安全。通过这些基于项目的课程,你将学习到数据驱动的AngularJS编程是如何帮助你的app响应实时的数据流的。 主要内容:自定义Angular模板;添加表单以创建对话和签到用户;添加、演示以及删除数据库记录;使用事件跟踪对话;添加表单;创建方法;随机奖励;创建条件样式;管理app许可。
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