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Brink of Extinction Fire Ant-HI2U

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《濒临灭绝》(Brink of Extinction)是一个以人类文明废墟为背景的策略塔防类游戏。游戏提供了十多个战役关卡,以及6个无尽模式关卡,和成群的昆虫进行战斗,放置一些暴力武器,从机枪炮塔到等离子和铁路炮塔武器。游戏通过了60多个成就,通过不同的场景进行一次次的艰难旅行。

Description: Version ”Fire Ant” is now live and changes the game in a host of ways. Aside from adding two new levels, the update also rebalances the game in a number of ways. Turrets have been differentiated more, so that they have more distinct usage situations. The enemy stat increases when they level up in the continuous mode have also been changed up, making the challenge more consistent. Lastly, the yield formula has been changed in the continuous mode.
The update also adds in a collectible in the form of mem discs, that can be found in the campaign levels. The mem discs contain brief story elements, that pieced together will give a view of the events leading up to the campaign.
Lastly, the update adds Steam leaderboards, so that your best scores in the continuous mode are saved and can be compared to those of other players around the world.

New features and rebalancing:

  • Two new endless mode levels, the Forest and the Overpass.
  • Objectives for each level have been added to the loading screen.
  • If there’s an object to protect, an indicator shows which one it is.
  • Zooming has been implemented, mapped to the scroll wheel.
  • Collectible story notes added to campaign levels.
  • Story note reading room added in main menu.
  • Song in reading room.
  • Five new achievements, Give ’em hell 7+8, Prime example 7+8 and Librarian.
  • Steam scoreboards implemented for continuous mode levels.
  • Acid turret, Bull turret, Missile turret, Plasma turret, Rail turret, Double turret and Machinegun turret rebalanced.
  • Enemy level up stats (including yields) rebalanced in endless mode.
  • Bug zapper range slightly increased and damage greatly increased.
  • Turrets can be rotated using the arrow keys.

Genre: Action, Indie, Strategy
Developer: Correcture Games AB
Publisher: Correcture Games AB

Release Name: Brink.of.Extinction.Fire.Ant-HI2U
Size: 1.2 GB

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