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Actual File Folders 1.12.1 Multilingual

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Actual File Folders 1.0

你是否厌倦了不断寻找您想要打开或保存文件的文件夹? 通用对话框是否惹恼了你吗? Actual File Folders--你可以切换不长的鼠标操作所需的文件夹,这要快很多倍,这将大大提高您的工作效率。 此外,Actual File Folders可以让你恢复到文件夹进行的任何操作。 方便您的工作与个人电脑时代。 Actual File Folders和Windows操作系统及其软件兼容。

Actual File Folders  | 8.8 MB

Are you tired of constantly looking for your desired folder to open or save a file? Does a common dialog box annoy you? With Actual File Folders, you can switch between desired folders many times faster without long mouse manipulations. It will greatly increase your work productivity. In addition, Actual File Folders allows you to return to folders where you performed any actions. Just two additional title buttons for the Explorer dialog box will facilitate your work with PC at times. Actual File Folders is compatible with any software and Windows operating systems.

The Favorite Folders file folders extension lets you create a list of shortcuts to the folders you use most often. Then, you can invoke this list in any file-related window of any program to access any of your favorite folders instantly with a single click. This resembles the list of bookmarks for your favorite websites in your web browser. This is a good alternative to the tedious clicking for navigation to the required folder through the folders hierarchy.

The Recent Folders file folders extension automatically tracks which folders you have visited recently and keeps a list of shortcuts to those folders so you can return to them instantly with a single click. This resembles the browsing history in your web browser, where you can quickly return to a web page visited some time ago if circumstances require.

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  1. 用了一段时间了,对于来回切换文件夹找资料的人来说非常好用
    xinger1043年前 (2015-04-17)
    • 谢谢您的反馈,看了您的评论后我决定也尝试一下。^-^
      wshmang3年前 (2015-04-18)