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Kaet Must Die-HI2U

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《Kaet必须死(Kaet Must Die!)》是Strength in Numbers Studios, Inc制作发行的一款第一人称恐怖冒险解谜游戏。玩家将会身处在一个潮湿阴暗的地下水道内,你必须要想办法逃离这里。但是邪恶的女巫会阻止你的一切行动,并且大家还将面临各种陷阱以及野兽的挑战,惊险刺激的氛围会让各位感受窒息的痛苦。能不能最终完成目标,就要看在座的你自己的命运和操作了!

You are Kaetheran, an extremely powerful psionicist with a flair for cyberpunk style. You have awoken in a dank sewer without your mind powers.

Kaet Must Die! is a first person suspense game that puts you up against the clock in a horror filled sewers. You must search for clues to reach the next levels in order to escape.

Genre: Casual, Indie, Simulation
Developer:  Strength in Numbers Studios, Inc
Publisher:  Strength in Numbers Studios, Inc

Release name:Kaet Must Die-HI2U
Size 3.8GB

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