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Autodesk Revit v2019 Win x64

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Revit是Autodesk公司一套系列软件的名称。Revit系列软件是专为建筑信息模型(BIM)构建的,可帮助建筑设计师设计、建造和维护质量更好、能效更高的建筑。 Revit助力建筑信息模型

Title: Autodesk Revit v2019 Win x64

New and enhanced Revit® features support consistent, coordinated, and complete modeling for multidiscipline design that extends to detailing and construction.
Multimonitor support and tabbed views
Improve working space by organizing and arranging views using tabbed documents that can be docked, tiled, and viewed on multiple monitors.

View and edit levels in 3D views Levels in 3D views
Understand and manipulate important datum heights in your project with the option to display levels in 3D views.

View filter creation in Revit 2019 OR in filters
Create view filters with multiple rules and nested sets with combination of AND and OR conditions.

Full-screen uncropped perspective view Uncropped perspective views
Work in full-screen uncropped perspective view. Move around the view freely with navigation commands such as Zoom, Pan, and Orbit.

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