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Genarts Sapphire 7.02 for AE and OFX AE蓝宝石插件

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这是大名鼎鼎的AE外置插件蓝宝石 GenArts Sapphire !蓝宝石就一个字快,渲染快 预览快!V6版本的新功能包括可定制的镜头光晕编辑器, 新视觉预设浏览器以及所有Genarts官网出品的Sapphire预设。

用于Adobe After Effects中的蓝宝石插件,也为Adobe Premiere Pro中和Autodesk Combustion。蓝宝石插件配备了数字艺术家的集合超过240个国家的最先进的图像处理和合成特效,如:发 光,EdgeRays,LensFlare,闪电,FilmEffect,扭曲和纹理等..无缝集成到一些编辑与合成系统的影响。

蓝宝石插件已经成为高端的视觉效果制作的行业标准,提供无与伦比的图像质量,独特的有机的外观,和易用性。他们已经广泛使用在一个电视节目,音乐影片和故 事片,包括数组:盗加勒比1,2和3,蜘蛛侠1,2和3,“超人归来”,纳尼亚传奇:狮子,女巫和魔衣橱“,”指环王“三部曲,”星球大战 - 情节I,II和III,罪恶之城,“黑客帝国”三部曲,X战警1,2和3,泰坦尼克号“,失落和CSI等..

蓝宝石增加您的生产力,输出质量和竞争能力。平台无关的,所以你可以利用你的工作,不影响一致性或的外观质量的情况下不同的视频编辑和其他合成软件或艺术 家,蓝宝石为您节省宝贵的时间和金钱。探索卓越的图像质量,控制,渲染速度相比,After Effects中包含的其他插件或许多效应和影响观者参与。蓝宝石的发光EdgeRays,LensFlare,闪电,FilmEffect,扭曲,和纹 理都只是几个例子,使您能够创建复杂和令人惊叹的的,看起来还没有完全有机,在行业中的广度和深度超过240个的视觉效果所无法比拟的,随着由蓝宝石提供 After Effects中使用的速度和易用性,不仅节省时间工艺每一件工作,完全按照你想让它也提供了创造性的影响,吸引观众和提供优异的业绩。

Genarts Sapphire 7.02 for AE and OFX | 191.6 mb

GenArts Inc., the global leader in specialized visual effects software, released Sapphire 7. This new release provides users with greater control, increased speed, and an expanding arsenal of effects; empowering users to create higher quality effects in less time.

Key innovations in Sapphire 7 include:

- New and enhanced effects—EdgeAwareBlur, Beauty, Advanced Sharpen, PanAndZoom (available on Avid only), LensFlare, Zap, MotionBlur, and the following transitions: FilmRoll, CardFlip, and FlutterCut
- Speed enhancements – Added CUDA GPU support for more plug-ins and optimized GPU code to provide overall speed increases
- More presets – Artists and editors can save time with more than 2,500 presets (double the number available with Sapphire 6)
- Preset sharing – For the first time in Sapphire, users can share presets across host platforms
- Real time rendering (Avid only) - Most of the effects in Sapphire 7 for Avid have real time rendering capabilities

Sapphire Visual Effects Plugin for Adobe After Effects

Sapphire increases your productivity, quality output, and ability to compete. Platform-agnostic so you can leverage your work across video editing and other compositing software or artists without compromising consistency or quality of the look, Sapphire saves you valuable time and money. Discover the superior image quality, control, render speed, and impact on viewer engagement compared to other plug-ins or many effects included with After Effects. Sapphire’s Glow EdgeRays, LensFlare, Lightning, FilmEffect, Warps, and Textures are just a few examples that enable you to create sophisticated and stunning, yet completely organic looks, unmatched in the industry.The breadth and depth of over 250 visual effects, along with the speed and ease of use offered by Sapphire for After Effects, not only frees up time to craft each piece of work exactly as you want it but also deliver the creative impact that engage viewers and delivers superior results.

Compatibility matrix: 

- Adobe After Effects CS4 or greater
- Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 or greater
- Autodesk Combustion 2008 and later

Sapphire for OFX-compatible Products

GenArts Sapphire visual effects plug-ins support the use of open source platforms/OFX plug-ins, which contribute to Sapphire's ability to streamline workflows, increase productivity, and deliver beautiful results.

GenArts has been carefully crafting the world's finest visual effects software since 1996 and our commitment to engineering excellence and superior performance has made Sapphire the industry standard of visual effects (VFX) plug-ins for the most discerning video content creators and editors.

Compatibility matrix:

- The Foundry Nuke 5.0 or greater
- Eyeon Digital Fusion 5.2 or greater
- Eyeon Fusion64 5.2 or greater
- FilmLight Baselight 3.3 or greater
- SGO Mistika 6.1.3
- Digital Vision Nucoda or Phoenix 2011.2.058 or greater (Win)
- Assimilate SCRATCH 3.8 or greater (Win), 4.0 or greater (Mac)
- Sony Vegas Pro 10.0 or greater (Win)

About GenArts

Established in 1996, GenArts, Inc. provides groundbreaking visual effects to motion graphic artists, compositors, and editors in post-production houses and broadcast networks globally. Sapphire seamlessly integrates as software plug-ins into leading editing and compositing systems from Adobe, Apple, Avid, Autodesk, Assimilate, Eyeon, FilmLight, The Foundry, Quantel and SGO; and is used by customers like Framestore, The Mill, ABC, BBC, and ESPN.

Name: Genarts Sapphire
Version: 7.02 for AE and OFX
Home: www.genarts.com
Interface: english
OS: Windows XP or greater
Size: 191.6 mb

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