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Rhino and V-Ray: Product Design Rendering

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Rhino and V-Ray: Product Design Rendering

Rhino and V-Ray: Product Design Rendering
MP4 | Video: 720p | Duration: 2:54:36 | English | Subtitles: VTT | 1010.9 MB

Make your design concepts more compelling with product renderings created in Rhino and V-Ray. Join Dave Schultze for a fun, retro-inspired project—a "Fish-Eye Frame" media player—and learn everything you need to know about rendering product designs with Rhino. Discover what makes a good product rendering (and what makes a bad one). Then find out how to set up your virtual photo studio: arranging your camera, backdrop, and lighting for maximum impact.

Dave will also show how to customize materials, add text and logos to your design, and trick out your render in post with new backgrounds and special effects. The workflow chapter contains bonus tips designed to speed up and smooth out the entire rendering and compositing process.

Topics include:

  • Installing and activating V-Ray
  • Modeling tips for awesome renders
  • Using Dave's Glow-Wall Studio
  • Setting up lighting and cameras
  • Exploring materials
  • Creating text and logos
  • Making new backgrounds
  • Adding depth of field
  • Organizing your studio

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