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Music Binder Pro 3.5 MacOSX

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Music Binder Pro 3.0

Music Binder Pro Mac版是一款macOS平台的现场音乐播放工具,Music Binder Pro Mac版这款软件特别适用于现场表演,比如当乐队领班选择歌曲时,软件就能经过设置后,把相应的音乐表在Macbook上显示,在外部屏幕上显示相同的音乐表或替代版本等,功能强大。

Music Binder Pro 3.x | MacOSX | 30 Mb

A Macbook is installed in front of the singer/guitar player. Music sheets are displayed on the Macbook.The singer/guitar player is the leader of the band. He uses a harmonizer pedalboard which is controlled by MIDI. When he select a music sheet, the harmonizer is automatically set.

A metronome is also displayed on the Macbook screen. The band leader also uses an old guitar pedalboard to send messages to other screens.

An external screen is installed for the keyboard/piano player. This external screen is connected to the Macbook. Music sheets are displayed on the external screen.

Most of the time, the same music sheets are displayed on both screens. Sometime, the keyboard/piano player has his own music sheets versions with multiple pages. So he’s able to control his own page changes using bluetooth pedals.

A metronome is also displayed on the external screen and it is in sync with the one displayed on the Macbook. The keyboard and the piano are also controlled by MIDI and connected to the Macbook.

An iPad is installed beside the drummer. The iPad is used as an external screen for the Macbook.

Big title, artist, tempo and a metronome are displayed on the iPad.

So, when the band leader select a song, the following actions are automatically performed:

- The corresponding music sheet is displayed on the Macbook

- The same music sheet or an alternate version is displayed on the external screen

- A big title, artist, tempo and a metronome are displayed on the iPad

- The tempo is automatically set and a metronome is started in sync on every screens

- MIDI events are automatically sent to the harmonizer pedal board, keyboard and piano

The above setup is my own setup. This kind of setup can be achieved using Music Binder Pro. I spend about a year on Music Binder Pro in order to be able to achieve the above setup. Over the year, Music Binder Pro has been thoroughly tested and fine tuned. I hope that you will enjoy using it in your own band setup.

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