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Augmented Reality for JavaScript Developers

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Augmented Reality for JavaScript Developers
Augmented Reality for JavaScript Developers
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Genre: eLearning | Language: English

Augmented reality is the idea of mixing computer-generated media with someone’s view of the real world. AR.js provides a framework and set of utilities to develop augmented reality applications efficiently just using web technologies.

This course will show the learning ropes on how to produce interactive augmented reality experiences with nothing but a set of web technologies such as JavaScript and HTML. We'll start off with a basic introduction to Augmented reality experiences and an introduction to all the libraries and development tools that we are going to utilize in this video course. We'll begin by setting up our basic structure for our very first AR web application using the AR.js framework. We then move on to setting up our camera feed to localize our AR markers. After that, we'll deep dive into learning to overlay 3D content on top of our markers with three.js where we'll learn to apply realistic lighting and shadows to the 3D objects that we create using the different camera controls provided by Three.js to effortlessly navigate around your 3D scenes. After getting our 3D right we'll learn how to integrate both the 3D and our camera feed onto the screen. Towards the end of the video, we'll create a couple of real-world AR web application to better apply our gained knowledge.Finally, we get started into building Projects such as a 3D business card and AR data histogram.

By the time we are done with the course we would be able to create AR applications with A-Frame along with AR.js and with awe.js and also create Business cards and Data histograms.

Augmented Reality for JavaScript Developers

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  1. JavaScript开发者的增强现实 AR是混合计算机所生成的媒体与人类对真实世界视觉的产物。ar.js为高效地使用web技术开发增强现实应用提供了一套框架和应用。 本教程将会讲解如何使用一套如JavaScript何HTML这样的web技术,制作互动增强现实体验的技巧。我们将从对ar的简介开始,并会讲到所有我们在本视频中用到的类库和开发工具。我们将从使用AR.js,为我们第一个ARweb应用建立基本的结构开始。然后,我们会转向建立我们的摄像头来将ar制造商本地化。然后,我们会深入到使用threes.js学习延迟我们使用不同的相机控制所创建的3D内容,从而轻松地在3D场景中导航。接下来,我们将学习如何整合3D和我们的摄像头到屏幕。在教程的结尾,我们将创建一套真实的AR web应用,从而更好地应用我们所掌握的知识。最后,我们将开始开发如3D名片和AR数据历史图谱这样的项目。 学完本教程,我们将能够使用A-Frame和AR.js以及awe.js开发AR应用,并开发出名片和数据历史图谱。
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