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Building Apps Using XAML, UWP, and .NET Core

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Building Apps Using XAML, UWP, and .NET Core
Building Apps Using XAML, UWP, and .NET Core
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Visual Studio 2017 is the all-new IDE released by Microsoft for developers, targeting Microsoft and other platforms to build stunning Windows and web apps. Learning how to effectively use this technology can enhance your productivity while simplifying your most common tasks, allowing you more time to focus on your project.

In this video, you will be building applications using XAML tools. Here you will learn the WPF architecture, XAML syntax, various layouts, data bindings, converters, and triggers, and guide you through building professional applications from scratch.

Next, you will be building apps using UWP apps. Here you will go through learning the generic design principles of UWP apps, followed by designing and styling applications. Later you will see apps published to the Windows Store.

Finally, you will be building apps using .NET core. Here you would be covering in-depth knowledge of Framework Dependent Deployments and Self- Contained Deployments.

Building Apps Using XAML, UWP, and .NET Core

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  1. XAML, UWP, and .NET Core开发App Visual Studio 2017是微软为开发者所准备的全新IDE,定位于微软和其他平台开发出色的Windows和web应用。学习如何有效地使用这门技术可以提高你的生产力,同时简化你的大多数日常工作,为你节省出时间集中于你的项目。 在本教程中,你将使用XAML工具开发app。你将学习到WPF架构、XAML语法、各种布局、数据绑定、转换器、触发器以及指导你从头开发出专业的App。 接下来,你将使用UWP开发App。你将学习到通用的UWP应用设计原理,以及对app的设计和样式化。最后将把app发布到Windows Store。 最后,你将使用.NET core开发应用程序,并将深入学习框架依存部署和自我部署。
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