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UX Design – Understanding the User and Business

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UX Design - Understanding the User and Business
UX Design - Understanding the User and Business
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Instructor: Chris R. Becker

User Experience (UX) design is the theoretical understanding of how users interact with websites. It is the process of enhancing user satisfaction with a product by improving the usability, accessibility, and pleasure provided in the interaction with the product. Everything humans interact with has an experience associated with it. Some are good, some are bad, but only recently have we begun to consciously design these experiences. We are now at the point when experience-design has suddenly exploded into the consciousness of business people and ordinary people all over the world. A poor user experience leads to losing out on customers and in turn the company loses money. UX Design: Understanding the User and Business is a breakthrough guide to defining what problem is being solved, starting off with how to understand business and user needs and define a problem, and how to start thinking about user experience.

You will start off by understanding business and UX design needs. Here you will learn about key performance indicators and experience gaps. Further you learn how to go about a problem statement and iterate it. Also get acquainted about user hypotheses and learn about user experience scenarios. Finally, explore the User Journey and Task development, building journey templates, a storyboarding template, and designing storyboarding sketches.

In a step-by-step manner, these videos are an easy-to-understand guide, filled with real-world use cases on process, design, and techniques, and will help you build a strong foundation in user experience design

What You Will Learn

Get familiar with the important concepts such as Key Performance Indicators, Experience Gaps, and more.
Understand Business and User needs and how to Define a Problem effectively.
Delve into learning about User Hypotheses, how to write a User Point of View, and Iterate Insights.
Discover UX scenarios, define, build, and write a UX scenario all by yourself
Understand the UX Journey, and build a storyboard template and sketches.

UX Design - Understanding the User and Business

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  1. UX设计:理解用户和业务 用户体验设计是对用户如何与网站互动的理论化理解。这是一个通过改进产品可用度、可访问性以及在使用产品过程中愉悦性的提高用户满意度的过程。人类与之互动的每件事物都有着与其相关的用户体验。有些好、有些坏,但只有在近来我们才开始关注设计这些体验。我们目前所处的情况是,体验设计已经突然地爆发成为了全世界企业界认识和普通人都意识到了的事情。糟糕的用户体验会导致客户的流失,从而导致企业业务的下滑。本教程是对定义要解决什么问题突破性的指南,从如何理解企业和用户的需求以及定义问题开始,然后是如何开始考虑用户体验。 在理解企业和UX设计需求部分,你将学习关键的性能指标和体验差距。然后你将学习如何处理问题表达和描述。同时还会学习到用户假设以及用户体验场景。最后,了解用户旅程和任务开发,开发任务模板、故事版模板以及设计故事版草图。 通过一步步的方式,这些视频成为了易于理解的指南,通过真实的用户案例来处理、设计和技术,将会帮助你在用户体验设计领域打下扎实的基础。 主要内容: • 掌握重要概念,如KPI、体验差距等 • 理解企业和用户需求以及如何有效地定义问题 • 深入学习用户假设,如何编写用户观点以及迭代看法 • 了解UX场景,定义、开发和编写UX场景 理解UX旅程并开发故事版模板和草图
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