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SQL Server: Implementing a Hybrid Cloud Solution in Azure

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SQL Server: Implementing a Hybrid Cloud Solution in Azure

SQL Server: Implementing a Hybrid Cloud Solution in Azure
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The course will show you how to create, manage, and scale Azure VMs for SQL Server workloads, implement Azure SQL Database, and work with them from your on-premises SQL Server for a complete Hybrid SQL Server solution.

Have you been wondering what Azure Virtual Machines or Azure SQL Databases are and what they mean for you as a production DBA or developer? The Azure platform has become an Enterprise-worthy environment that can provide Infrastructure as a Service and a database Platform as a Service. In this course, SQL Server: Implementing a Hybrid Cloud Solution in Azure, you'll learn the fundamentals of Azure virtual machines and Azure SQL Database from a DBA perspective. First, you'll start with an overview of what the Azure platform encompasses and then dive straight into how to connect and configure your Azure environment. You'll then learn about VM networking, storage, configuration management, images and disk, monitoring, deploying workloads, and scaling. Next, you'll explore Azure SQL Database and Stretch Database, including how to configure networking and security, discuss features, migration methods, and scaling. Finally, you'll discover methods for monitoring using the Azure Portal or Management Studio. When you've finished this course, you'll have the skills and knowledge to implement a Hybrid SQL Server solution leveraging Azure. If you've been considering extending your SQL Server environment to Azure, this course is for you!

SQL Server: Implementing a Hybrid Cloud Solution in Azure

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  1. SQL Server:在Azure部署混合云解决方案 本教程将会为你带来如何为sql server负载创建、管理和规划Azure虚拟机,部署azure sql数据库,以及从你预装的sql server处理一个完整的混合型sql server解决方案。 你是否azure虚拟机或Azure sql 数据库是什么,以及他们对你作为一名专业dba或开发者又意味什么而感到好奇?Azure平台已经成为了基础设施即服务以及数据库平台即服务的企业级环境。在本教程中,你将从一名dba的角度学习Azure虚拟机和Azure sql数据库的基础知识。首先,你将全面了解何为azure数据库,然后深入了解如何连接和配置azure环境。然后,你将学习vm网络、存储、配置管理、镜像和磁盘、监控、部署负载以及扩容。接下来,你将了解azure sql数据库和stretch数据库,包括如何配置网络和安全、迁移方法和扩容。最后,你将学习实验azure portal或Management studio用于监控的方法。当你学习完本教程,你将掌握部署利用azure混合sql server解决方案的技能。如果你考虑扩展你的sql server环境到Azure,那么本教程适用于你。
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