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Learning Angular: Covering Angular 2 and Angular 4, Second Edition

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Learning Angular: Covering Angular 2 and Angular 4, Second Edition
Learning Angular: Covering Angular 2 and Angular 4, Second Edition
MP4 | Video: AVC 1280x720 | Audio: AAC 44KHz 2ch | Duration: 5 Hours 17M | 2.90 GB
Genre: eLearning | Language: English

Angular is a powerful JavaScript framework, maintained by Google, for building web applications and for enhancing various parts of your web pages. It’s a comprehensive framework that makes both development and testing easier by extending web applications with MVC capability.

Marc Wandschneider, senior developer advocate at Google, has more than 20 years of experience as a developer and is the author of two programming books and two other LiveLessons video training. In this video training, Marc uses a live-coding approach throughout to show developers how to start from scratch and work their way up to building a meaningful, yet not overly complicated application.

In this video training, Marc starts by introducing Angular and showing how to install it along with related tools like Node.js, TypeScript, Bootstrap, Angular CLI, and Visual Studio Code.

After a quick tutorial on TypeScript, the video course next shows how to create an Angular application from scratch while explaining the primary pieces of an Angular application and see how they work together. Using lots of examples, the core parts of Angular are introduced, such as Components, Directives, the Router, Services, and Pipes and Directives.

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  1. 学习Angular:涵盖Angular 2和Angular 4,第二版 Angular是一款强大的JavaScript框架,有Google所维护,用于开发web应用以及提高网页的各个方面。它是一款全面的框架,通过使用MVC功能扩展你的web应用,从而令开发和测试更简单。 Marc Wandschneider,Google的高级开发者,有着超过20年的开发经验,并且是两本编程图书和脸部livelessons视频的作者。在本教程中,Markd将会使用一种实时编程的方法,演示开发者如何从零开发的,即使是非常复杂的应用。 在本教程中,Marc将会从介绍Angular开始,并演示如何使用如node.js、TypeScript、Bootstrap、Angular cli和Visual studio Code这样的工具安装。 在快速第介绍TypeScript后,教程将会演示如何创建Angular应用,同时讲解Angular应用的主要构成,并查看他们是如何协同工作的。使用大量的例子,Angular的核心部分,如componets、directive、路由、服务以及管道和目录也会被讲到。
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