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Rock God Tycoon-PLAZA

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《摇滚大亨(Rock God Tycoon)》是Sebastian Nigro, Panos Tzimas制作的一款模拟经营游戏。游戏中玩家将要带领一支摇滚乐队闯荡江湖,从一个默默无闻的小角色逐渐成长为世界知名的人气摇滚乐队。玩家要雇佣调整乐队成员,购买新的设备,培养成员,进行要唱会等等。

Description: Rock God Tycoon (RGT) places you at the helm of your very own band and on the path to your own rock destiny. Choose your character’s discipline from guitar, bass, drums, or vocals, then hire the rest of your band before hitting the road to stardom. Manage your group and decide when deadwood needs to be cut. Fed up with the drummer missing shows? Fire the slacker and replace him!

Model your fully customizable characters with 300+ available items, all exceptionally detailed, beautifully designed, and with frequent new additions. Everybody needs to pay their bills though, and you’ll need to book the right shows and practice your songs to keep the money coming in; going from small town bars, to concerts halls and stadiums. Your band isn’t performing and is struggling to hold a note? Better put down that coffee to pick up that gauntlet and step on stage yourself to show them how it’s done. Gigging across 76 cities, each with unique venues, you’ll constantly be on the road; whether it be in a van, tour bus, or a private jet.

Genre: Casual, Indie, Simulation
Developer: Sebastian Nigro , Panos Tzimas
Publisher: EmberWulf

Release Name: Rock.God.Tycoon-PLAZA
Size: 740.9 MB

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