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Modernizing .NET Framework Apps with Docker

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Modernizing .NET Framework Apps with Docker
Modernizing .NET Framework Apps with Docker
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Docker can help you bring your existing applications into the modern world. This course teaches you how to run full .NET applications in Windows containers, modernize the architecture, and deploy to the cloud.

Docker isn't just for greenfield microservices applications, you can take full .NET Framework applications and run them in containers with no code changes. That's a great starting point for modernizing the architecture and moving to the cloud. In this course, Modernizing .NET Framework Apps with Docker, you'll learn how to efficiently run .NET applications and create a more modern architecture utilizing Docker. First, you'll discover how to package and run .NET apps in Docker containers on Windows. Then, you'll explore how to evolve the application architecture by breaking features out into separate containers. Finally, you'll delve into taking your modernized app to production on Azure. By the end of the course, you'll understand how Docker works on Windows and what Docker can do for your existing .NET landscape. Software required: Docker.

Modernizing .NET Framework Apps with Docker

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