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Learning TypeScript Fundamentals

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Learning TypeScript Fundamentals
Learning TypeScript Fundamentals
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TypeScript’s popularity seems to only increase since it’s being adopted by popular frameworks such as Angular. Optional typing seems like a feature coming to your favorite dynamically typed language soon too. Not only is it a good time to learn JavaScript, but it’s also a good time to get acquainted with TypeScript too.

This step-by-step guide will get you started with TypeScript with the help of practical examples. You’ll start off by installing TypeScript and its compiler, then you’ll get familiar with the TypeScript architecture, where we’ll look at design goals and language components. Following this, you’ll explore the runtime. Next, you’ll be introduced to functional programming with TypeScript and will dive into asynchronous programming principles.

Moving on, you’ll get to know about various functions, its declarations, expressions, and more. We’ll explore callbacks and arrow functions, then you’ll create higher-order functions and at the end, you will explore promises and generators. After this, we’ll explain object-oriented features in detail, where you’ll dive into classes. Following this, you’ll explore interfaces and generics which make the code reusable. You’ll learn to organize the code using Namespaces and you’ll understand modules.

By the end of this course, you will have learned enough to implement all the concepts with the latest features of TypeScript to build to-do applications from scratch.

Learning TypeScript Fundamentals

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  1. TypeScript基础教程 TypeScript的流程程度看起来只是由于其被流行的框架,如Angular所采用而出名。可选择的类型看起来向一个功能成为了你最喜欢的动态类型语言。不仅是学习JavaScript的最好时候,而且也是了解TypeScript的最好时候。 这部一步步指导的教程将会通过实用的例子帮助你熟悉TypeScript。你将从安装TypeScript及其编译器开始,然后你将熟悉TypeScript架构,我们将学习设计目标和语言组件。然后,你将了解运行时;接下来,你将学习函数编程并深入了解异步编程原理。 在后面的学习中,你将了解各种函数、声明、表达式等。我们还将了解回调和箭头函数,然后你将创建高阶函数,学习promises和生成器、面向对象功能和深入学习类。此后,你将学习令代码可复用的接口和泛型。你将学习实验名字空间组织代码并明白何为模块。 学习完本教程,你将掌握足够实施这些概念的知识,并利用TypeScript开发一个任务列表应用。
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